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Oct 8, 2012 11:00pm PDT
promised this. most of the economickest who crunched the number said the plan would blow up the deficit or raise taxes on the middle class. one or the other. that is how math works. >> the visit brought out a few protesters and lots of supporters. kron 4's reggie kumar is live near the bill graham civic auditorium with more tonight. >> reporter: the president left bill graham civic auditorium an hour ago. he spoke 22 minutes. those who attended loved every minute of it. >> reporter: this is president obama leaving monday night's night's fundraiser at the bill graham civic auditorium. tickets range from $22 to $100 which included a concert. >> he talked about his plans for the future, you know, finishing what we started, ending the war, making it better for americans. >> how was it? >> it was great to see him. this is the first time i have seen a president. >> i am on cloud 9. so -- >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> i did. $100 and you got to stand. so standing room. i looked back in the nose bleed section, they had to pay a thousand dollars. >> reporter: before the event thousands
Oct 10, 2012 11:00pm PDT
-- erase a 2-run kev sit in the 9th to -- deficit to win a post season game. 1929! can you believe that? w÷ deciding game in this series, 6:37 tomorrow at oakland. pam's excited. >> i am! for the a's and the giants! >> it's nice to have somebody in our community that cares about people. >> no, i am excited! [ laughter ] >>> hereby comes hunter pence -- here comes hunter pence! we don't need pam. we have had enough of her. [ laughter ] >> the a's victorious. the giants with their pregame pep talk, and angel pagan, it's 1-0 giants. gregor blanco homered, 3-1. barry zit oh, not very good -- zito, not very good. giving up the home run to ryan ludwig. his exit allowed lincecum to come into the game, and boy was that worth it! upon 2 runs, 1 run, 6 strikeouts, and pablo sandoval puts the game ice in the 7th. giants one 8-3! game will start 8: 05 tomorrow morning. st. louis leads washington 2-1 in their series. and the yankees lead baltimore 2-1 in their series. [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam, who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ou
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2